Chemical equipment is usually divided into what two categories, the inventory of chemical equipment commonly used



In order to process raw materials into finished products of certain specifications in chemical production, it is often necessary to go through a series of chemical processes such as raw material pretreatment, chemical reaction and separation and refining of reaction products. The machinery used to achieve these processes is called chemical equipment.

Chemical equipment is generally divided into static equipment and dynamic equipment two categories.

Static equipment

Static equipment refers to the equipment that is in a static state after installation and can be used in the production operation without power transmission. Static equipment is widely used in the production of mass transfer, heat transfer, medium heating, chemical reactions and other processes and storage of materials. Such as a variety of containers, towers, reactors, heat exchangers, etc.

The investment of static equipment accounts for about 50%-60% of the total investment of the whole plant.

1.1 Rectification tower

Distillation is a chemical unit operation that uses the difference of the volatilities of each component in the liquid mixture to separate it. According to the distillation method, it can be divided into simple distillation, balanced distillation, distillation and special distillation and so on.

If partial gasification or partial condensation is performed more than once, a purer light, recombination fraction can be obtained, which is called distillation. Distillation column is a kind of tower-type vapor-liquid contact device for distillation. There are two main types: plate column and packed column.


Our manufacturing industry comprehensive strength continues to improve

The value added of the country's manufacturing sector increased from 16.98 trillion yuan in 2012 to 31.4 trillion yuan in 2021. Wang Wei, head of the planning department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that China's manufacturing industry has consolidated its scale advantage over the past decade, and its system integrity has become more prominent.


We will accelerate the upgrading of the industrial Internet to help achieve high-quality development of the manufacturing industry

The three systems developed in scale, and infrastructure construction was further accelerated. Network facilities with low delay, high reliability and wide coverage have been initially completed, and nearly 2,800 5G virtual private networks and hybrid private networks have been built, with high-quality external networks covering more than 300 cities across the country.


Summary of materials used in pressure vessels

When two components A and B form an alloy, in addition to forming A or B based solid solution, it is possible to form A new phase whose crystal structure is different from that of A and B. Since their positions on the binary phase diagram are always in the middle, these are usually referred to as intermediate phases.


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